Welcome to "The I Am Experience"

Paul Reinig

My name is Paul Reinig and I am available to play up to four+ hours for your audience!  My band, The I Am Experience, is a Line 6 Spider Jamm Amp loaded with awesome pre-recorded backup stuff, some of which I personally recorded.

When performing live I play tracks off my new CD, Embrace Life, as well as other original compositions. My background style provides the perfect ambiance for allowing your customers to enjoy their experience while on a chartered cruise, in a bar or restaurant, at a wedding, or any other type of gig. To discuss how I can best serve your particular audience, please call 727-580-1351.

Embrace Life has 13 tracks (over 70 minutes of awesome instrumental music) and is now available as a digital download on iTunes, Amazon MP3, Rhapsody, eMusic, MOG, Spotify, and many more. Whatever you have, simply do a search for “The I Am Experience” and you’ll probably find it.

You can also purchase each track individually or download the entire CD as a digital download through my Facebook Music Store – and you’ll be able to listen to a full preview of each track. Just scroll past the “Click here to browse albums” link and simply click the arrow to the left of each track: FB Music Store

Or, you can listen to a 30 second preview of each track below and download them individually or the entire CD. Just like amazon.com, you’ll need to create an account with CD Baby but it’s FREE and easy to set up – just a user name and password:

Thank you for your support!